Bazofo is a Cape Verdean Creole word to describe someone with style and attitude. It is also a sustainable and ethical clothing brand from Cova da Moura, the biggest Cape Verdean community in Portugal.
Bazofo é uma palavra usada em crioulo de Cabo Verde para descrever alguém com estilo e atitude. Também é uma marca de roupa sustentável e ética da Cova da Moura, a maior comunidade cabo-verdiana em Portugal.


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If someone asks you for a “pé di badju” it’s because he or she wants to dance morna or coladeira with you. It’s also difficult to hear funaná without giving a “pé di badju”!

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This design is named after a place in Santiago Island, Cape Verde. Somada is also a funaná song from the 80s by a famous band formed in Cova da Moura, Tulipa Negra.  

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“B for Buraca!” said Froze when he saw this t-shirt. Go visit him in Coqueiro, the restaurant in Cova da Moura where he works, to hear some Cape Verdean music. Buraca is the area of Amadora where Cova da Moura is located.

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Djunta mô means putting your hands together. It is a Cape Verdean concept of mutual help: together we are stronger.

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Jon Roque was the most famous nightclub in Cova da Moura in the 80s and 90s visited by the young and stylish. They played funaná and passada, and it used to get so full that half of the party was going on in the street in front of the club. Nowadays it's a bar where you can hear live music from the São Tomé & Príncipe islands!

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You call bodona someone who accomplishes what they've started, regardless of challenges. And when they reach their goal, they're not ashamed of showing their pride. Who's bodona has many good qualities!

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This design is dedicated to Zito, known in the neighbourhood for his unique style and impeccable way of dressing: always black with small colourful details.

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